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AnaBio Technologies

AnaBio Technologies

Picture: Brendan Lyon/ImageBureau

AnaBio Technologies


AnaBio Technologies Ltd. is a young innovative Irish company providing encapsulation expertise and commercial contract manufacture for the stabilisation of food, pharmaceutical and animal health products.

 The mission of AnaBio Technologies Ltd. is to develop, license, produce and commercialise “DHL” ingredient delivery systems for food, feed and pharma companies.

AnaBio has succeeded in working with multi-national companies with product applications for pigs, fish, cows, horses, dogs, cats and humans.

Our core encapsulation technologies are patented for targeted and controlled release of vaccines, antibiotics, peptides, probiotics, nutrceuticals, nutrients, minerals, enzymes, bacteria, cheese cultures and a wide range of sensitive food and sports ingredients.

AnaBio encapsulation systems have proven to be efficient “DHL” ingredient delivery services for the human and animal bodies, alike. In this way, AnaBio can help industry clients to enhance and develop new products with proven, valid claims.

Formed in 2011, AnaBio’s client portfolio include multinationals based in Ireland, UK, central Europe, USA and Canada.

AnaBio product applications include functional dairy products, food and beverages, sports nutrition, human, animal and aquatic nutrition, infant and toddler nutrition, and clinical health supplements.

AnaBio Technologies

Picture: Brendan Lyon/ImageBureau


AnaBio Technologies addresses the needs of many food, feed and pharma enterprises to follow the demand for improved “healthier” versions of their products. We are devoted to developing capsules, beads, gels and other solution technologies to support our customer’s most difficult delivery and dosing challenges in a broad range of applications. AnaBio is currently working with companies in three target markets: i) Human Health and Functional Food; ii) Animal Health and Nutrition and iii) Therapeutic Drugs and medicinal substances. It is the vision of AnaBio to continue working within these markets to in order to extend the current portfolio of AnaBio patent licensees. In this way, AnaBio can license technologies to key players from each target market.

From a commercial perspective, AnaBio’s patented technologies can help i) reduce costs; ii) improve production yield and shelf-life; iii) enhance product functionality and iv) provide industry with competitive advantage. AnaBio has generated “platform” technologies that with a proven track-record for broad spectrum market introduction of commercially viable, value-added encapsulation systems. This allows AnaBio clients to penetrate values-added niche markets in an economical cost-efficient manner.

In reality, AnaBio’s Unique Selling Point (USP) involves enhancing existing products or developing new products for food, feed and pharmaceutical industries with proven claims for improved health and wellbeing for their target market. Please review this Utube video for further explanation of AnaBio’s USP –


Intellectual property epitomises AnaBio’s core business asset whereby patents and IP are licensed to customers from food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. In this way, AnaBio’s contract production and consultancy services represent auxiliary resources to help achieve the strategic goal i.e. technology validation and licensing in the area of microencapsulation.

AnaBio Technologies

Picture: Brendan Lyon/ImageBureau

Dr. Sinéad Doherty has developed, tested and commercialised nine patented technologies in order to extend AnaBio’s commercial platform both nationally and internationally. AnaBio currently holds total of nine commercial patents and several license agreements are in place with industrial clients in various field-of-use to demonstrate the relevance of the USP for food, feed and pharma manufacturers. Hence, the mission of AnaBio involves the generation of bespoke Irish technologies through the development of novel intellectual property (i.e. patents and trade secrets) for further licensing to industry partners from food, feed and pharma industries.

AnaBio Technologies Achievements

One of AnaBio’s greatest achievements involves the development of sophisticated encapsulation systems using natural, food-grade, low-cost materials with no artifical additives or agents. Hence, AnaBio USP involves bespoke scientific ‘know-how’ and ingredient delivery systems for industry clients seeking to access new markets or planning product upgrades. At present, AnaBio is validating a new technology to replace the need for diabetics to inject insulin. If successful duriing human studies, this AnaBio technology will demonstrate the first oral insulin for diabetics

AnaBio Technologies

Picture: Brendan Lyon/ImageBureau

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AnaBio Technologies Awards and Nominations

Bank of Ireland IGNITE Company of the Year 2013

Outstanding Person of the Year 2013

Cork Person of the Month (August) 2013

 Finalist for Emerging Company of the Year 2013

 Finalist for Cork Person of the Year 2013


AnaBio Technologies – Head office

Glandore Business Centre,

Fitzwilliam Hall,

Fitzwilliam Place,

Dublin 02,


– Functional Food laboratory & pilot plant facility

Teagsac Moorepark,

Food Research Centre,


Co. Cork



– Pharmaceutical Laboratory

University College Dublin,

Pharmaceutical & Veterinary Science Centre,


Dublin 04,


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AnaBio Technologies

Dr. Sinéad B. Doherty, AnaBio Technologies Limited CEO. Picture: Brendan Lyon/ImageBureau



Company CEO

Dr. Sinéad B. Doherty

Senior Pharmaceutical Researcher

Dr. Samuel Maher

Functional Food Researcher

Dr. Robert Kent

Company Administrator & Financial Controller

Ms. Anne Heron

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