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Photography Fees



Web, Event, Press, PR and Commercial  Photography Fees and Charges 2016

All prices subject to VAT at prevailing rates.

Written Quotations available for all Commissions on request.

Terms and conditions apply see

Photography Fees for Press & PR, Promotional Shoot

 Consultation prior to Shoot

Client supplies brief to cover requirements

Typically One Hour on Site

Syndication to National Press

 First Hour (or part) €250

Subsequent Hours €200

Photography Fees for Healthcare Event Coverage

Typically one hour on site (Dublin)

Captioned images of available speakers

Captioned images of small groups of delegates

Total 10 to 12 captioned images (enough for a page of “socials”)

Syndication to three Medical Papers (IMT, IMN & MI)

Licence for Web, Press & PR use by commissioner


Photography Fees for Basic Event Coverage

First hour €250

Subsequent consecutive hours €200

Captions included as required

Client supplies brief to cover requirements

Licence for Web, Press & PR use by commissioner

Quantity of images agreed with client prior to shoot

One syndication via BCC to National Press on request

Photography Fees for On Location Head Shots

Call out €150 plus Each Image €20.00

Minimum charge €250

Licence for Web, Press & PR use by commissioner

Personal licence for subject (e.g. for web, LinkedIn use) included

Post Production (remove blemishes, soften skin) included

All prices subject to VAT at prevailing rates.

Photography Fees for General Commercial Photography

 First hour €250

Subsequent consecutive hours €200 charged in 15 minute increments

Consultation by telephone included prior to shoot

Client supplies brief to cover requirements

Licence for Web, Press & PR use by commissioner

Quantity of images agreed with client prior to shoot

Studio and Location available


Assignment Scope

If your requirements are not met by one of the options above, please get in touch and I will customise a quote for you based on your brief. For larger assignments and daily rates, please enquire.

The expectations and objectives of the client need to be established and contained in a written brief from the client to the photographer. In the absence of such a brief provided by the client, I reserve the right to photograph the event or situation as I see fit and in solely in accordance with my interpretation of available people, lighting, opportunities and circumstances based on my professional experience.

It is not always necessary for the photographer to attend for the full duration of the event to meet the client objectives, many times these objectives can be met with a lower attendance time, and therefore a lower cost to the client. For example, attendance around a coffee break at an event or seminar will usually meet most requirements, allowing images of speakers before and after the coffee break as well as

Additional fees may apply for complicated captioning, syndication and any client requested image manipulation in post production. Any such fees will be agreed prior to undertaking the assignment and will be included in any quotation. For example, post production (Photoshop work) other than basic correction is chargeable at €100 per hour and is by arrangement only. Normally, Press & PR shots do not need such processing.

Photography Fees for Studio Head Shots

Individual head shots are also available in my studio in Clontarf.

One person head shot, no more than twenty minutes in studio, includes two digital images of your choice. €100. Each additional image €20.

Multiple person studio head shots during a single session are charged at €100 for the session fee, plus €25 per image. For example, four people in the studio for one head shot each, would be €100 plus four times €25, for a total of €200 plus VAT.

Studio Head Shots are supplied via download in high resolution and are licensed for both commercial and personal purposes. They may be used on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook as well as in corporate media,

All prices subject to VAT at prevailing rates.


Prices for Product Photography and Interiors

Fees for product photography and interiors are negotiated according to the specific requirements of the client and will depend on location, lighting, styling and licensing requirements.

Typically this will include a set up charge and a fee per image. The minimum charge is €250 plus VAT.

Press and PR Licence

A Press and PR licence allows the purchaser to use the image in promoting or publicising the event which was photographed. The image may be printed in magazines and newspapers, displayed on web sites, intranet and internet and distributed to third parties as part of a Press Release. The image may not be printed as a stand alone photograph, nor can the image be given to a third party for use other than Press and PR purposes. Personal use of images under a Press and PR licence is not permitted.

All images are (c) Copyright ImageBureau and copyright remains with ImageBureau at all times. Commissioning ImageBureau for photographic services is deemed as client acceptance of these terms.

There is a licence fee payable for use other than Press and PR, please enquire as the licence fee varies according to use.

All prices subject to VAT at prevailing rates.





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